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The earth thanks you, your future children (or grandchildren and even GREAT grandchildren) thank you and your budget thanks you for making the choice to go solar, but now what? In this week’s blog we will walk through the steps you can expect after you have had a home site audit, and approved the proposal we submitted.

Step 1—Sign your solar contract—well, we are starting at the beginning, and until the contract is signed, we can’t move on to the second step! Within 2 days of accepting our proposal you will receive our contract that will lock in pricing and allow us to move forward.  Once you receive the contract you have 14 days to complete the contract and return it to us.

Step 2—If you did not pre-qualify yet and need financing, now is the time to secure it! We have some wonderful partners we are happy to put you in touch with.

Step 3—Design Review. Remember when we came to your home and did the Home Site Audit to create your proposal?  Well now, we will use all of that information we gathered from your roof and service panel (aka breaker box) to create a detailed layout.

Step 4—Permits filed—design review approved? Check! Now we do all the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) from here on out! We file for all permits, including electrical and L & I.  This typically takes 60 days depending on the filing agencies’ workload and backlog.

All you have to do now is not get a cramp in your arm from patting yourself on the back for singlehandedly saving the planet!!—ok that may be a little bit ambitious, but you are making a difference in your community and for that everyone (SHOULD) thank you!

Now for the FUN parts—

Step 5—Installation day—we will work with your schedule to find the best fit for you and your family. Most systems only require one full day of installation, so your house won’t be a construction zone from one season to the next!

Step 6—Inspection—we work with all required agencies to arrange inspections—once again we are working on their timeline—not ours, but normally you can expect to have all inspections completed within one week of installation.
Step 7—System activation—Let there be light, we have lift off….you get the idea, we are on the path to energy independence!! We have the approval of your utility company and they set the new meter, your system is ready to start saving you money!  We will set up a time to come by and do a walk through to make sure you are comfortable with how your system works and to complete your access to the system monitoring portal, so you can track the difference you are making with your new solar energy system.

If you haven’t received (or asked *GASP*) for a proposal from us yet now is a great time to start your path to energy independence!! Contact us for a free quote TODAY!

We are a local company, with deep roots in the Tri-Cities area that is committed to helping our customers save money, be more self-sufficient, and make a positive impact in our community by reducing its carbon footprint, thereby improving things for future generations. We are honored to serve the residents of Eastern Washington. Hot Solar Solutions, LLC is an all-inclusive provider for commercial and residential solar electric, solar pool heating and solar hot water heating. Our professional team will assist you from start to finish; Planning, Finance, Design and Install—We do it all!.

Estimates are always free anywhere in Eastern Washington, and typically include permitting, L&I, and of course installation—no hidden costs or last-minute surprises.

We specifically focus on the areas of Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, Yakima, Spokane, Sunnyside, Prosser, and other areas throughout Washington. We also work within a 90-mile radius of Yakima.