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Do you or someone you love use a CPAP machine or need oxygen? Electric wheelchairs also require power.  Is your freezer stocked from your hard work of fishing and hunting?

Now might be the perfect time to consider solar battery backup to protect your family against an aging grid system. 

If power were to go out, do you really want to run a noisy generator that alerts everyone in your neighborhood that you have power while they don’t?  What if you can’t get diesel or gas to power your generator?   At Hot Solar Solutions, we have a safe, quiet, and cost-effective alternative for you. 

We now offer Battery Backup in a faraday box using solar so you can silently power your home.  A Faraday cage protects the battery box and the components in it from any disruption when a power surge occurs.

How Does Solar Battery Back-Up Work?

Batteries are used to store energy that solar panels produce. Then, the stored solar energy is used later on, as needed.

Solar panels produce a greater amount of electricity during the middle of the day than at any time of day. The middle of the day is also when your home uses the least amount of energy. As a result, your solar panels will generate much more electricity then your home will need at that time. Solar batteries have the capability of storing that extra energy from the middle of the day so you can use it at other times of the day and at night.

Why Have a Solar Battery Back-Up?

Power outages can affect the solar PV system. That is why it is smart to install a whole-house battery backup. These solar panel battery systems can keep your refrigerator and outlets running during power disruptions. You won’t have to worry about food defrosting or being unable to turn on the lights with a battery backup system. When your solar power system is backed up, you are maximizing your return and becoming energy independent.

Advantages of Battery Backup System Over Gas Generators

The major and obvious advantages of a battery backup are that it operates completely silent and does not burn any fuel, unlike a gas-powered generator. You don’t have to contend with exhaust fumes or other polluting emissions, which makes your battery backup ideal for the environment and for the quality of the air in your home or office. 

Noise and “exercise” — Two inconveniences that you get with gas generators are noise and the need to run your generator for periodic tests. As opposed to a battery backup system, gas generators are loud and have to be placed carefully to avoid excessive noise levels. Additionally, generators have to be running occasionally (known as “exercising”) between uses to ensure their mechanical systems are operating correctly and are safe to run for times when you need backup power. 

Maintenance and Service — Today’s batteries require little or no maintenance, as opposed to generators that need regular service to ensure they are operational, safe, and clean. 

Fuel Costs — If you connect your battery to a solar energy system, it can be recharged with electricity for FREE using energy from the sun. With a generator, you need to purchase fuel to burn for power. 

Long-term Cost-Benefit — Over time, solar power backup systems can become comparable to or even more affordable than gas generators. Battery costs are likely to decrease as the adoption of the technology grows. For example, a forecast from GTM Research predicts an eight percent yearly decline in the cost of energy storage through 2022.  The every-day uses of solar power battery backups could help you save money on your monthly electric bill.

More cost savings are realized with solar battery backups when it comes to the energy source.  Fuel costs can vary and can be expensive over time. With solar battery backups, the fuel source is free!  There is continued access to solar battery backup fuel – the sun – during a natural disaster or power outage, as long as the sun is shining and the system has not been damaged. The Tri-Cities receives, on average, at least 300 days of sunshine every year.  

Less Dependence on the Grid — The use of solar batteries allows you to not be as dependent on the grid. This energy independence also translates into having the ability to power your home or office entirely with clean solar energy. 

Look to Hot Solar Solutions for Your Solar Power Battery Backup!

As is evident with a gas generator, you can run out of fuel, and the fuel eventually can deteriorate over time. With your solar power battery backup, you have easy access to energy all the time, even during a natural disaster or power outage! 

Contact Hot Solar Solutions, your complete solar solutions company, today to learn how battery backup can help you when you need it the most!  You can reach us by calling
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