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Up until July, there were solar incentives, but none as rich as 80%. That all changed on, July 7th, when Governor Jay Inslee signed the Solar Incentives Job Bill, which will provide incentives to new system owners until 2030

Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the TOTAL COST of your solar electric system.
This is a DOLLAR for DOLLAR credit against what you would have to pay the IRS.  You can take up to four years to use it.   And is based on total installed costs, including state sales tax.

Cash incentive – Pending in state budget
Maximum $5,000 payout per 12 months they run from June to July. Paid for 8 years or up to 50% of your total costs whichever comes first.
2018 installs paid at .16 per kWh
2019 installs paid at .14 per kWh
2020 installs paid at .12 per kWh
2021 installs paid at .10 per kWh

And TA-DA–there you have it 80% back your next major home improvement!!  AND on something that is going to improve your corner of the world AND your finances—because this is all BEFORE any savings you get on your electric bill….which leads us to…

Net Metering
This means your meter “nets” out the solar you produce.  As an example if solar is producing more than you are using your meter spins backward……giving you “credits” against next month’s bill.
While sadly, utilities do not PAY for excess, you do get to “BANK” it, for example, if you produced 2,000 kWh in August and only used 1,000 kWh then you don’t have a bill for the month. And the excess simply carries over to the next month or next month etc.…
The account resets to zero every March/ April.  The best news??  — This program is for the life of the system!

With the new incentives solar has never been hotter!!  Contact us today to set up an appointment and start your path to energy independence!

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