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Last week when we talked about solar options for camping so it seems only fitting that we talk about solar-powered camping gadgets to make your next adventure off the grid, that much more fun.

Of course you know you can find solar-powered flashlights and fans just about anywhere, but the following gadgets may take just a little more effort to locate…not to mention more moolah too!!

A solar-powered cooler is at the top of this happy camper’s wish list….but to my dismay, trying to actually find one that was COMPLETELY solar, was an exercise in futility. There was lots of talk about an amazing invention…simply called the Solar Cooler, which in addition to keeping things between 42-14 degrees via a digital thermometer, could charge anything with a USB or standard plug. The drawbacks…it weighs 50 pounds pre camping trip prep, and carried a price tag of around $1200—I say carried, as this incredible invention while very popular, never saw mass production. So sadly we are still waiting for this camping gadget to become available.

If you love hiking or just want to make sure your water is clean and safe then a Solar Water Purifier is a must-have. They are so simple to use the kids can do it! You just fill the bag with water, find a sunny spot and wait for your drinking water–normally a couple of hours. The ones we researched even could be reused HUNDREDS of times, had a self-cleaning skin that didn’t clog and held just over half a gallon of water, and cost about $50, we say money well spent if you are not near a verifiably clean water source!!

While the next two items are not must-haves, they are almost guaranteed to make your camping experience, and quite possibly those around you so much more pleasant. Of course we are talking mostly about a Solar Shower—who would not love to take a nice warm shower in the beauty of nature, especially after a day of backpacking or biking along dusty trails?!?! And trust us…your travel companions WILL thank you! You can find them ranging from $9 for a 5-gallon shower to $25 for a 10-gallon version. You can even upgrade to a fancy shower head if you want….but beware, you are paying more for the showerhead than the actual shower!

Speaking of backpacks, while not as essential as our previous two must-haves…a Solar Charging Backpack can be a lifesaver, and we are not talking about being able to charge up the IPad so the kids can play Candy Crush, but what if your GPS runs out of power on a backwoods trail?? We found the pricing very reasonable at $39 on Amazon all the way up to $129 and It WILL charge ANY USB devise so, bring your Bluetooth speaker. With the backpack weighing in at approx 5 pounds it will not add that much more to your load!

So now you have the gadgets—now get out in the great outdoors and let the sun work for you!

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