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Now that we have mastered solar vocabulary, we that this week we would tackle, exactly how solar works for you.    DON’T WORRY—we are not going to talk about atoms and photons–if you enjoy the deeply technical portion and the science of solar, you are in great luck, there are a million websites that can walk you through all the wonders of solar—but this my friends is not it.

Our goal this week is to make solar simple, and “pull back the curtain” if you will so that EVERYONE can gain an understanding of how solar works and how at its core it truly is simple. (get it… solar…core… 🙂 )

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So Let’s begin at the beginning… Or start at the top if you will…

1) Solar Panels:  Solar Energy (sunlight) is captured by solar panels, as clean, green,  Direct Current (DC) electricity.

2) Inverter: Converts DC to useable AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which just so happens to be what all of our favorite gadgets and modern conveniences are powered by.

3)Meter:  Your Utility Meter–this is where your electric usage, and with solar, your electric production is recorded.

4) Home Power/Appliance: Your breaker box, will continue, just like every day before, to direct power to all of your favorite gadgets and modern conveniences….hey is there an echo in here?!?!

5) Utility Service –This is where our geeky kid and budget-driven adult meet and are VERY HAPPY with Solar!! So let’s do some daydreaming in round numbers… let’s say a solar electric system produces 8,000kWh in July and the home only uses 3,000kWh this equals –NO JULY electric bill!! I don’t know about you, but I could use the money I normally pay my electric utility to do something fun with the family!! So for this house the meter essentially goes backward the 5,000kWh excess. Now sadly, You do NOT get a check for that extra 5,000kWh but…… in August you don’t start paying for your Kwh usage UNTIL that 5,000kWh credit is used up…

**Note At the end of April the utilities “clear” excess kWh and you start your “bank” over.**

So back to reality, depending on solar electrical system size of a particular home, a typical cycle goes something like this:

June/July/Aug generally produce more than you consume and those credits start helping to offset thru the winter months were solar is low and power (kWh) usage is high…..if the system is sized right you are running out of excess about March / April when solar is starting to pick up again!! Which, is where WE come in…..

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